List A Match Classifications

The concept of List A matches, as the limited overs equivalent of first-class status, was originally developed and defined by the ACS and has become accepted worldwide.

In July 2006, the importance of this classification was officially recognised by the Chief Executives Committee of the International Cricket Council, who adopted it within their rules (see for the latest version on the ICC website but please be aware that this may automatically download the pdf file to your local Downloads folder).

In order to preserve the integrity of past efforts of the ACS and to ensure the ongoing maintenance of authoritative and consistent records, the ICC resolved that:

  • no retrospective amendments to the register of past List A matches compiled over the years by the ACS may be made by ICC or its member countries.
  • future List A classifications made by ICC or its member countries should be consistent with
    1. each other
    2. past decisions
    3. the definition of List A as written by the ACS and now being adopted by ICC
  • the ACS should continue to maintain the register of matches it believes should be List A with Governing Bodies advising by exception should they wish to add or remove any matches from this list.

The ACS and ICC then agreed that to help implement these procedures, the ACS should maintain on its website:

In 2008 ICC incorporated List A Twenty20 into the Classification of Cricket document as a separate sub-category under the same principles.

Complete lists of List A matches and List A Twenty20 matches are available.