Forthcoming List A Events

The events in this list are those that include List A matches and have either begun or are in the future.
Only those that have been notified to the ACS are included.

See Recent Events for a list of recent events including List A matches or Complete List for the complete list of List A matches.

AustraliaMarsh One-Day Cup 2022/23
BangladeshEngland in Bangladesh 2022/23
Ireland in Bangladesh 2022/23
EnglandOne-Day Cup 2023
New Zealand in England 2023
Ireland in England 2023
IndiaAustralia in India 2022/23
New ZealandThe Ford Trophy 2022/23
Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2022/23
PakistanNew Zealand in Pakistan 2023
South AfricaEngland in South Africa 2022/23
West Indies in South Africa 2022/23
Netherlands in South Africa 2022/23
Sri LankaEngland Lions in Sri Lanka 2022/23