First-Class Most Consecutive Hit Wicket Dismissals

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2H Walker1792
2PH Dyke1833
2R Picknell1843
2A Simmonds1871 - 1872
2†S Biddulph1874
2W Barnes1879
2E Cook1879
2G Burton1882 - 1883
2WW Wood-Sims1884
2JS Russel1885
2H Wilson1890/91
2L Wilson1893
2HW Taylor1924
2MA Green1925
2WR Hammond1929
2WFF Price1934
2DCS Compton1936
2GAE Paine1936
2WH Ashdown1937
2CP Davis1937
2CJ Barnett1948
2AH Dyson1948
2WE Russell1957
2D Brookes1959
2DM Young1962
2PB McGregor1962/63
2†B Duperouzel1971/72
2A Shaikh1971/72
2M Amarnath1979 - 1979/80
2†GS Cowley1984/85
2P Johnson1988
2†SP Hughes1989
2LNP Walker1994

Note: † The sequence included additional not out innings.

The list shows occurrences of 2 or more